CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve taken the first step in creating a stronger, healthier body.

Here’s what to expect as you begin your Strength Training journey.  

Your first session is an introduction to The Strength Code method.  This initial workout takes more time than a typical session as the Trainer must set you up in the equipment, and work with you to find the right weights to begin. You may achieve “muscle failure” at this first session, but normally you don’t go as deep as you are capable of, simply because you’re learning a different way to exercise. It’s normal to feel tired and sore after a high-intensity strength training session and it’s also normal to feel no soreness at all; everyone’s body is unique and reacts differently.

The second session is very important. You know what to expect, and will most likely perform the exercises much better than the first time so you may experience a deeper intensity level. A big part of this method is overcoming the “fight or flight” feeling that you may experience in your mind when the intensity rises as you lift and lower the weights at a slow pace. Your Trainer will gently coach you to push past your perceived limits. We will never yell, or ask you to do anything you can’t do, but we will teach you how to take yourself there. The entire time you are exercising, we are watching your form, coaching you and making sure you get the most out of your workout.

It typically takes 4-6 sessions to discover your unique strength code and start feeling a change in your body.  Each week you will learn more and your Trainer will safely progress you to achieve a deeper level of intensity. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • At The Strength Code, our mission is to help clients achieve and maintain ideal health and fitness through strength and conditioning systems that are exactly what their unique body needs. Many exercise systems work on the theory that more is better.  We believe that meaningful exercise is better.  When you are doing high quality, meaningful exercise, less is definitely more productive. So what makes us different? 

    • Our Facility – Our studio is clean, quiet, cool and private.  No blaring TVs or music. No waiting for equipment.
    • Our Trainers – All our Trainers are Nationally Certified with an additional Specialty in Strength Training and are continuously growing and learning about new exercise science.  Learn more about our Trainers.
    • Our Method – We offer both our Proven Dynamic Slow Motion High-Intensity Strength Training method and the latest cutting edge science-backed Isometric Training method.  Our workouts are Safe,  Effective, and only 30 Minutes, making them extremely Sustainable.
    • Measurable Results – We chart your progress in each session and provide measurable results through comprehensive testing with our SECA Medical Body Composition Analysis machine. 

The Strength Code Membership

Consistency is key if you want to achieve results and our Memberships are the most cost-effective programs for once, twice or three sessions per week, plus some great perks! If you can’t be consistent week to week, we also offer Session Packages that provide more flexible booking, so there is sure to be a good fit for your lifestyle.

The Strength Code of Conduct

We want you to get the most out of your workouts, so we created our Top 10 Tips.

  • Ya Gotta Show Up – Getting here is one thing, but showing up for the workout is both physical and mental. Workouts don’t perform themselves. 
  • Be Prepared – Get ready for the most physically demanding 30 minutes of the entire week. Try not to do anything too intense the day before or the day of your workout so you can give it 100%!
  • Keep Calm and Breathe – Oxygen is your friend and will help you through the tough moments.  Remember, it’s only a couple of minutes each exercise and breathing properly will improve your performance.  
  • Slow it down! – Focus and move slowly in a disciplined fashion, staying aware of the muscle group that is being targeted.  Moving slowly in perfect form is key to achieving that deep level of intensity so quickly.  
  • Don’t Give Up – When the Fight or Flight response kicks in choose to Fight!  Take each exercise one at a time. Remember it will all be over in about 20 minutes ()?). Take it to the limit, one more time….. 
  • Embrace The Failure –  Failure is success in our method! As they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – we’re trying to make you stronger – not kill you 😉 
  • Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate! During and after the workout. Always aim to drink half your body weight in ounces each day. (i.e. 140lbs = 70 oz)
  • Own Your Health – You can’t out-exercise a bad diet. If you desire to lose weight and/or gain muscle, be prepared to take responsibility for your eating habits. Maintain a food journal or use an app like My Fitness Pal or Lose It! to track your calories and nutrients.  
  • Rest Up – Rest and Recovery are just as important as the exercise stimulus. A nightly routine can help you to get better quality sleep which will, in turn, give your body time to repair and regenerate.  Gains happen when you’re away from the gym.
  • Stay Consistent – Results don’t happen overnight, or even over 30 days.  Results happen when you change your regular habits and they become your new lifestyle.  You wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth after 3 months, would you?  You should think of taking care of your muscles the same way.

Let us unlock the code to your personal strength and fitness! See you in the studio! Have more questions? Contact us or visit our FAQ’s at…

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