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Coaching for Your Mind, Body & Spirit. We call it—the Inner Strength Code!

I’m Sheila Melody, Certified Health & Wellness Coaching and owner of the Strength Code. I LOVE physical exercise but let’s face it…wellness is more than just working out!

Have you been thinking about developing healthier habits or creating a more balanced lifestyle? Whether you’re dealing with COVID-19 weight gain, too much isolation, or you’re just ready to feel more empowered and energized, wanting to fall back in love with your own life—I can help!

Imagine waking up each day feeling invigorated, confident, and purpose-driven. Research has shown that people who work with a personal coach tend to reach their goals faster and have higher rates of success.

If you think about it—it makes complete sense! Investing in yourself and creating a space where you are:

  • Accountable—but not judged
  • Learning helpful tips and tools that set you up for success
  • Having a safe space to be honest…afraid…hopeful…to be yourself
  • and explore possibilities with support and encouragement

Those are all steps to achieving lasting, positive change.


As a Certified Health & Wellness Coach, I support women (and a few good men) to live the best version of themselves. What gets focused on will depend entirely on what you want to achieve most.

We can take a deep dive into diet and nutrition but remember, health and wellness embody more than our bodies. If you aren’t sure where to begin, I have tools to help you identify and prioritize what is important.

Your coaching program can be combined with a Strength Code in-studio or virtual workout membership. All Strength Code members have access to our growing on-demand workout library so you can pick and choose the programs that are most helpful to you.

Find out how you can change the game in reaching your health and wellness goals! Schedule your complimentary 20-minute consult session NOW!

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Inner Strength Code Online Tools to Strengthen Your Body, Mind AND Sprit!

More Inner Strength Code programs will be available soon to nurture and develop the other areas of the human experience including mind, emotions, and spiritual development. Our Inner Strength Code virtual classes include ideas, resources, and information on meditation, nutrition, yoga-based exercises, communication and relationships and much more. Stay Tuned!