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ViiV RX Isometric Training

You can strengthen your entire musculoskeletal system using the Strength Code RX  Prescription Strength System. 

All Strength Code members can integrate the ViiV RX Isometric Strength Training Machine into their regular weekly workouts. Isometric Strength Training promotes bone remodeling and improves bone density, which in turn supports lean muscle mass growth and overall muscle strength.

One of the main benefits of Isometric Training is the ability to activate nearly all of the available motor units in your body – something that is otherwise very difficult to do. These 15-minute sessions won’t leave you sore, sweaty, or tired as you push or pull with “all-out effort” for about 10 seconds per exercise.

Isometric Training is different from traditional strength training because Central Nervous System fatigue can take up to five times longer to recover from, which means the effects of isometric training can last long after your workout ends.

The ViiV RX  Isometric machine automatically tracks your progress in real-time so your workouts can be customized using the most up-to-date data. This helps you get an optimal workout as your major muscles continue to develop.

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The Benefits 


  • Safe for Seniors
  • No Risk of Injury


  • Stimulates New Muscle/Bone Growth
  • Appropriate for All Fitness Levels
  • Maintains or Improves Posture


  • Bone Density Increases Quickly
  • Decreases Risk of Bone Fracture
  • Can Relieve or Decrease Pain

Weight Loss

  • Rapidly Gain Muscle & Burn Fat
  • Under 5 minutes of Exercise Per Week


  • Strengthens Muscles Without Putting Stress on Injured Muscles or Joints
  • Promotes Rapid Rehabilitation
  • Improves Range of Motion

Sports Training

  • Fastest Strength Training Workout
  • Rapid Strength Gains
  • Focus instead on Sport-Specific Training

Fighting Age Related Muscle Loss

As we age, we begin losing muscle—it’s just a fact of getting older. But it’s more than losing muscle mass and that toned youthful look. By age 40, our muscles also begin to lose mobility and flexibility.

As we age it takes longer for our muscles to recover from exertion so physical activity becomes harder and harder. Our ability to digest amino acids also slows which decreases the rate at which nutrients reach and nourish our muscles.

The good news? Isometric exercises build muscle strength and endurance. They are an excellent way to keep or regain your muscle strength, endurance, and mobility and slow down the aging process going forward!

Muscle Activation

One of the main benefits of isometric exercises is giving you the highest amount of muscle activation. Muscle activation refers to your muscle’s recruitment of motor units. The more motor units you can recruit, the better and stronger your muscles will become.

Recent studies have shown that maximal isometric exercises recruit up to five percent more of these motor units than any other type of exercise. In other words, intense isometric exercises utilize about 95% of your muscles, as opposed to about 88 – 90% of the units that other exercises utilize.

This means that, over a long period, your muscles can reach their true potential and use as much of their mass as possible when you’re engaged in physical activity. This muscle activation also permanently trains your muscles to work at their full potential. That means stronger muscles that work a lot harder.

Muscle Rehabilitation

Isometric exercises can drastically reduce the recovery period of muscles after you’ve injured muscles or joints, especially after surgery. This is because isometric exercises don’t requirement joint movement. Thus, you can strengthen your muscles while not putting your joints at risk.

Isometric exercises are ideal for people who suffer from bone issues or people who are elderly and can’t handle intense exercise anymore.

Muscle Strengthening

One reason why Isometric exercise are vital for strengthening muscles is when your muscles are tensed for prolonged periods, various chemicals and compounds stay in your muscles, which helps make them grow.

Performing a high number of isometric contractions will increase muscle strength. Holding those contractions longer will also help increase muscle mass. Simply put,
isometric exercises involve flexing your muscles and pushing against an immovable object to strengthen your muscles with minimal movement and effort.

Regular isometric training can actually strengthen your muscles by up to 5% every single week, which can increase up to 40% over a 10-week period.

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Strength Code RX

Our Strength Code RX Prescription Strength System offers a safe and effective isometric exercise stimulus that is proven to enhance bone density. The ViiV RX can be used in combination with our signature strength training or as a stand alone.