Basic Membership Contract Terms

  • Membership is Billed as Monthly Auto Pay Contract only
  • Monthly Sessions expire after one month
  • Make-up Sessions must be completed within the following 30 days
  • 24 Hour Cancellation Policy on all Sessions.
  • May Suspend Contract twice per year for minimum of 2 weeks to maximum 3 months. *See “Suspension of Membership Contract”
  • Sub will be assigned if Trainer is not available

Length and Frequency of Sessions

Each strength training session will typically last up to 30 minutes, unless a trainer deems a shorter or longer time necessary.

*Suspension of Membership Contract

  • Contract may be suspended twice per year for a minimum of two weeks to a maximum of 90 days total for the year.
  • Initial Request to suspend contract must be submitted via email to at least 7 days prior to the intended suspension start date, stating exact start and end dates and reason for request.
  • Clients will be required to complete and sign a Membership Suspension Agreement form upon receipt of request.
  • Cancellation of Membership Contract
  • This contract may be canceled within 3 days of today’s date, without any penalty, and receive a full refund.
  • If Client becomes pregnant, ill, or incapacitated in such a manner that they cannot exercise, as evidenced by written confirmation from a medical doctor, the contract may be canceled.
  • 15 Days Notice to Cancel for all other reasons. Email request for cancellation to

Session Cancellation Policy

  • All session cancellations must be made a full 24 hours in advance of the scheduled appointment time. If a full 24 hours notice is not received either by email, phone (text or voicemail), or in person, the scheduled session will count as a used session and will be deducted from the total package.
  • To Cancel a session please text or call the studio (818) 736-5233 or email cancellation to
  • If Client does not show up (no-show) for a scheduled appointment, the session will count as a used session and will be deducted from the total package.
  • If Client is late for a scheduled appointment, the trainer may limit that session to the remaining time left from the original scheduled time. Typically, a maximum of 30 minutes is scheduled for each exercise session.

Personal Property

The Strength Code LLC shall not be liable for the loss of, or damage to, the personal property of clients or guests, including items in the dressing area or lobby.

Other Considerations

Client understands that The Strength Code exercise program will be conducted in accordance with the slow motion high-intensity resistance training principles of The Strength Code LLC as directed by their Trainer.  Failure to comply with these principles can result in physical injury and can hinder, halt or reverse exercise progress, and be cause for dismissal from the studio and cancellation of this contract.