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Session Packages

Session Packages offer Flexible Scheduling Options and are perfect for those who travel frequently or whose schedules cannot be consistent each week.

Why is Our Studio Different?

Our Environment – You’ll enjoy a clean, quiet, cool, semi-private workout space without blaring TVs or loud music. No waiting for equipment.

Our Method – Our dynamic Slow-Motion, High-Intensity Strength Training is a proven, science-backed method. Our workouts are known to be safe, effective, and can be accomplished in a fast 30-minutes! It’s perfect for busy lifestyles.

Our Trainers – You will be guided at all times by our Nationally Certified Trainers who have an added specialty in Strength Training.

Measurable Results – We chart your progress during every session and monthly you’ll receive measurable results through our comprehensive testing with our SECA Medical Body Composition Machines.

What EVERY BODY is Saying…

Strong is the new pretty. And with Inform Fitness (Toluca Lake) and slow-motion weight training – I’m pretty strong !!!!! This is a must-try workout.

Vanessa S.

Please do yourself a favor and try this workout. I admit I was skeptical . . . but this really, really works.

Terri B.

After trying many gyms, workouts, programs I have found The Holy Grail in this program.

Sandi D.

I loved the workout. . . I could feel my targeted muscles working on a deep core level. I left energized and wanting more.

Barbara D.

Slow exercise is a great experience. Staff is excellent. Give it a try!

Anthony B.

Take the first step in creating a stronger, healthier body!

This  trial session usually takes about an hour even though typical weekly workouts are an efficient 30-minutes!

You and your trainer will begin by reviewing the health history questionnaire that you’ll complete prior to your appointment.
This information includes your exercise history, workout goals, past injuries, and any other important issues so your customized workout is both safe and effective!

  • You will also receive a comprehensive body composition analysis test using our medical-grade state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Body composition reflects the results of your physical activity and nutritional practices. This assessment can be the first step to regaining your optimal health and well-being.
  • After your consultation & body composition testing, you’ll go through an initial workout using our specialized equipment. This first workout takes more time as the trainer adjusts the equipment for your body and works with you to find the right weights to get started.
  • You may achieve “muscle failure” (in our program failure is a good thing!), but normally you won’t go as deep the first time because you’re learning a different way to exercise.

 Your 2nd Personal Training Session

  • This second session is very important because you’ll know what to expect. Most likely, you’ll perform the exercises much better than the first time so you can experience a deeper level of intensity.
  • Our trainers will gently coach you to push past your perceived limits but you won’t be asked to do anything you can’t do. You will be coached on how to focus, moving calmly and slowly to your “muscle failure” limit
  • As you exercise, your trainer will watch your form and make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout.
  • By trying the actual workout over a two-session period you’ll discover for yourself just how effective personalized, slow-motion, high-intensity training can be!

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