Strength is Our Specialty

In each Strength Code session we promise to…

Make it Quick

Unlike other gyms, we don’t want you to come in more, we want you to come in less and get more out of it. We promise to make every workout 30 minutes or less, so that you can live your life

Make it Safe

We take our job seriously! We believe that we have a responsibility as a Trainer to lead, guide and educate our clients. Our client is putting their trust in us and in that position we have the power to influence their lives. We are mindful at all times of the client’s well being and ensure each workout is safe and productive in helping them achieve their health and fitness goals.

Make it Count

Many exercise systems work on the theory that more is better. We believe that meaningful exercise is better. We are committed to providing excellent service by optimizing the workout for each individual client every single session. We provide only high quality, meaningful exercise, backed by science and experience. We don’t count reps, we make the reps count.

We believe that strength is the foundation for true health and fitness of body, mind and spirit. We provide a place for you to get the strength training you need, in the time you have.

Meet Your Team


All of our personal trainers have been rigorously certified in our method of strength training and have additional training and fitness credentials. Most of all, they have experience and love to work with their clients in our studio. Enjoy reading their profiles and come in to see for yourself by taking advantage of our Introductory Offer for only $50.

Sheila Melody

Owner, CPT/Strength Training Specialist, Certified Health & Wellness Coach

After a lifetime of fitness practice, Sheila says, “Don’t live your life in the gym –
workout with us once a week for 20 wonderful, intense minutes, and then go LIVE
your LIFE!” 
Read More

Ann Webb-Kirkland

CPT/Strength Training Specialist 

If you want to become stronger, healthier, and freer to live your life without unnecessary limitations I have a few ideas for you…Read More

Joe Altamirano

CPT/Strength Training Specialist 

“Strength training is about more than showing off buff, toned muscle—it’s about slowing down the aging process, improving mobility, stamina, and overall health. That said, I do enjoy beating kids 20 years younger than me at dodgeball! Read More

Jon Brungardt

CPT/Strength Training Specialist 

“My greatest pleasure is watching someone who has never lifted weights before discover their own strength. I specialize in helping people with pre-existing injuries, or anyone else who wants to improve their body composition without doing bodily harm!” Read More

Haley Kahn

CPT/Strength Training Specialist

“I love helping people build muscle and get strong! That doesn’t mean women have to look masculine and buff—unless they want to! Anyone at any age can enjoy the benefits of strength training to a live heathier lifestyle and look and feel their best!” Read More

Trainer Rickie Jiménez

Rickie Jiménez

CPT/Strength Training Specialist

What I love most about strength training is the ability to lift heavy weights without the risk of injury. I also love sharing my passion for movement with others!Read More

Yoga Teacher Liza Van Deventer

Liza Van Deventer

Certified RYT Yoga Alliance Teacher
Front Desk Studio Assistant

“I bring a light, playful approach to yoga classes rather than promoting a stern discipline. I love helping people become more aware of their bodies and forget labels like ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced.’” Read More

We have a Podcast!

The Strength Code Podcast, Season 1

Lisa May & Sheila Melody talk the inner and outer strength code, lifestyle, and fitness. Listen and subscribe to The Strength Code Podcast today.