Certified RYT Yoga Alliance Teacher
Front Desk Studio Assistant

Liza Van Deventer


When Liza Van Deventer arrived in California, having relocated from South Africa with her husband, she eagerly applied for the Front Desk Studio Assistant position at The Strength Code.

Liza, an accomplished Yoga Instructor and actress, was immediately drawn to the Strength Code for its unique boutique brand and as a woman-owned business. Liza hopes to have her own woman-owned yoga studio one day, and she felt an instant connection to The Strength Code owner Sheila Melody.

In addition to handling varied duties as the studio assistant, Liza is now teaching small group yoga classes at the Strength Code and plans to expand to offering private yoga lessons as well. Liza had been practicing yoga for over 10 years when she decided to earn her 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher certification during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since led hundreds of yoga classes both in South Africa, and here in Los Angeles. She had been practicing yoga for over 10 years.

As an actress In South Africa, Liza appeared in a popular soap opera, playing the role of a chef and co-owner of a successful restaurant. While Liza enjoyed playing her entrepreneurial character, she strives to achieve more work–life balance than her Type-A soap opera alter ego. While she continues attending auditions and hopes to build both her yoga teaching practice and acting career in the U.S., she cultivates a calm, balanced lifestyle and appreciates the warm affiliations she is making through her work at The Strength Code.

Why Take Yoga Classes with Liza?

“My trauma-informed approach to yoga makes classes more accessible to people of all backgrounds and body types. I bring a light, playful approach to classes rather than promoting a stern discipline. I love helping people become more aware of their bodies and forget labels like ‘beginner’ or ‘advanced.’ I focus on what each person feels comfortable doing in the moment. What matters most is that each person feels safe and supported throughout the class.”

Los Angeles Yoga Teacher Liza Van Deventer

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