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Ann Webb-Kirkland


Ann Webb-Kirkland didn’t set out to become a personal trainer but after 30 years of helping men, women, and teens maximize their biological gifts, Ann admits that she’s living her passion—not just performing a job. This ACE and Power of 10 Certified Trainer has worked with thousands of people at varying levels of health and fitness including celebrities, athletes, seniors, and those who’ve never worked out before. 

As a shy, petite teen, Ann heard every joke imaginable about being puny and skinny. By working out, initially teaching herself at age 17 to lift weights, she experienced first-hand the physical and psychological transformation that comes from building muscle mass and tone—and she was hooked! The confidence Ann gained through exercising also enabled her to speak up and share both her enthusiasm and growing knowledge about exercising safely and efficiently. She found herself giving tips to friends, office colleagues, and even strangers that she met at the gym. 

When a highly-respected nutritionist and mentor of Ann’s encouraged her to become a certified as a trainer, she didn’t take him seriously at first but her natural instincts towards educating and empowering others inevitably led Ann to earn her first training certification. About a year later when Ann’s corporate job ended abruptly, she found herself working at a prestigious gym, training the wealthy, famous, the hardcore, and the reluctant—and a new, exciting career was launched!


When Ann’s friend, former client, and owner of The Strength Code, Sheila Melody, introduced her to slow-motion strength training, Ann quickly became hooked, “I appreciate the science behind this dynamic form of exercise so I dove right in, got certified, and I’ve never looked back. This workout allows me to be a more effective and efficient instructor. Also, the safety aspect of slow-motion strength training allows just about anyone to use it because there are no forceful movements so risk of injury is minimal, particularly if someone has a specific physical or health limitation.” 

Ann also appreciates having an intensity level training program that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. “NOW THAT IS EFFICIENCY!” Many of Ann’s clients are busy hustling to make a living. Few have time to spend in a gym several hours a week so the 30-minute slow-motion strength training is ideal.

While Ann’s supportive nature and commitment to seeing her clients achieve their health and fitness goals motivates her to bounce up each day, ready to train a diverse group of people, it’s the actual client transformations that give her the highest levels of satisfaction. One of Ann’s clients announced that after only five sessions, her doctor was able to cut her blood pressure medication in half. Another client who was battling a consistently high level of blood glucose was finally able to lower and stabilize her numbers. Yet another client bought his first tank top and was thrilled to put it on after years of lacking the confidence to wear one.


“Having a personal trainer isn’t necessarily enough. Having someone who knows what they’re doing and takes you to your physical and mental limit SAFELY AND EFFECTIVELY in 30 minutes or less—that’s the real value of having a trainer. I’ll work with you to find out what you really want and how best to help you achieve your goals. Count on me to be honest, supportive, and to inject a little humor as I help you work past your perceived limits and achieve lasting and meaningful results!”

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