CPT, Strength Training Specialist

Dexter Da Rocha


Although Dexter Da Rocha’s parents were professional dancers and dance instructors they never assumed Dexter would follow in their footsteps… but Dexter’s feet knew where they were headed. “My feet are always moving—either dancing, working out, or training others to move safely and freely in their bodies…feet first!”

Born in Denver, Colorado, Dexter excelled in the competitive dance world, earning the awards and industry recognition that paved the way to a professional dance career not long after graduating from high school. Dexter’s professional dance credits include televised appearances in the Billboard Music Awards with Janet Jackson, CW’s Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, The Voice with Halsey, and most recently, appearing in the 2023 Grammys alongside Harry Styles. Dexter appeared in music videos with artists including Mura Masa and Pink, and they served as an assistant choreographer for Cirque Du Soleil and a choreographer for DanceOn. They have taught dance at some of the best-known dance studios in New York and Los Angeles including Broadway Dance Center and Millennium Dance Complex. Dexter has also worked as a movement coach and choreographer for Greyson Chance and Xinovia.

Recently, Dexter expanded their passion for movement and exercise by becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and additionally certified as a High Intensity Resistance Training Specialist with HIT UNI. When Dexter was first introduced to the slow-motion, high-intensity strength training, they were instantly impressed by the thoroughness of the training and its accessibility to anyone from die-hard workout buffs and professional dancers to those who have never weight lifted before and are open to a safe, comprehensive workout routine.

Why Choose Dexter as your Personal Trainer?

Dexter believes that every person’s workout is their personal journey—far less about the end goal than about finding a steady, maintainable path, being present, and enjoying the intentionality of each movement. If you’re interested in exploring that journey Dexter is ready to help you get there!

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