CPT, Strength Training Specialist

Haley Kahn


From an early age Haley was athletic and raring to move! During high school she supplemented a rigorous dance schedule with strength training because she loved feeling strong and powerful.

But like many young women…or as she later realized, women of all ages in our society, she felt pressure to look good and that always seemed to translate into being THIN. She found herself trapped in a “diet culture,” wracked with self-criticism and mounting unhealthful habits in an effort to achieve an unrealistic ideal.

Fortunately, Haley broke out of her downward spiral of endless dieting. After moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting dreams she discovered that, rather than waiting tables in-between acting jobs, she could build a meaningful career out of her love for strength training and her well-learned tips for healthy living, which included healthy eating.

Haley got certified as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). After a chance meeting with Strength Code owner, Sheila Melody, Haley was invited to try out the slow-motion high-intensity strength training workout. She was thrilled to discover a high-quality strength training program that took only 30-minutes once or twice a week! She enthusiastically earned her High Intensity Resistance Exercise Specialist Certification through HIT Uni, and she has been part of the Strength Code personal training team ever since!

In addition to strength training, Haley is an avid runner and serves as a pace leader for USA Marathon Training. She is currently obtaining her Running Coach Certification and, having successfully conquered Heart Break Hill, the toughest section of the Boston Marathon route, she has set her sights on qualifying to run the full Boston Marathon. Haley is a proud native of Boston, a die-hard Boston and New England sports fan (who forgives Tom Brady for transferring to Tampa Bay), and she is a graduate of UMASS Amherst where she earned a BFA in Theatre, a BA in English, and a minor in Education.

Why Choose Haley as your Personal Trainer?

No matter your age, gender, or current condition, if you’re interested in challenging yourself to gain strength and vitality, Haley Kahn is ready to coach you to success!

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