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Haley Kahn

Haley Kahn is NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and holds a High Intensity Resistance Exercise Specialist Certification through HIT Uni. Born and raised in Boston, MA, Haley is a die-hard Boston and New England sports fan (yes, she does love Tom Brady)! Haley graduated from UMASS Amherst in 2011 with a BFA in Theater, a BA in English, and a minor in Education. After moving across the country to pursue her dreams, Haley discovered her passion for exercise and strength training while embarking on her own personal health journey. In addition to pursuing her acting career, Haley is an avid runner (she’s a pace leader for USA Marathon Training), and loves to watch Hallmark Christmas movies!

Discovering Slow Motion Strength Training

After years of training in large, corporate gyms, Haley was interested in trying something new and expanding her way of thinking when it comes to working out. After a chance encounter with Sheila and Joe, at the restaurant where she was working, Haley took them up on their invitation to come in and try slow motion high intensity strength training. Before that, She had never heard of super slow training or the idea that you only need to work out once or twice a week for 30 minutes. When she tried our method, she immediately loved it and realized it was the perfect workout to do while in the middle of Marathon training. In fact, Haley achieved a new personal record in her marathon running once she began adding high intensity strength training into her regular practice. Haley joined the team and began working the Front Desk, while she completed her Slow Motion High Intensity Strength Training Certification through HIT Uni and is now happily training clients to “failure” every week!

Why Chose Haley as your Personal Trainer?

She loves to help others discover how strong they really are and learn to live their best lives!

The Strength Code Haley

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What Everybody is Saying...


Strong is the new pretty. And with Inform Fitness (Toluca Lake) and slow-motion weight training – I’m pretty strong !!!!! This is a must-try workout.

 Vanessa S.

Please do yourself a favor and try this workout. I admit I was skeptical . . . but this really, really works.

Terri B.

After trying many gyms, workouts, programs I have found The Holy Grail in this program.

Sandi D.

I loved the workout. . . I could feel my targeted muscles working on a deep core level. I left energized and wanting more.

Barbara D.

Slow exercise is a great experience. Staff is excellent. Give it a try!

Anthony B.