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Joe Altamirano


Joe’s passion for strength training came at an early age, traveling straight through his television set. Images of tough guys like Bruce Lee, Arnold, and the Incredible Hulk captured his imagination. The allure of strapping muscles and heroic feats led a modestly-built kid from a home that valued academics over brawn to buy a pair of dumbbells and start working out. He also did his homework and, after high school, enrolled in a pre-nursing program at UCLA and a rigorous physical therapy program at Cal State Long Beach. But Joe’s passion for strength training eventually led him to become a certified fitness trainer and Power of 10 trainer. He values opportunities to coach, educate, challenge, and inspire clients who range in age from teens and mid-life adults to men and women in their 70s and 80s.

Joe became interested in slow-motion high-intensity (HIT) strength training when six-time “Mr. Olympia” title holder, Dorian Yates, began touting the merits of HIT. Using maximum muscle stimulation in short, intense workouts instead of longer, 5-days per week workouts promoted in most gyms confirmed what Joe had studied during his university education. This slow-motion HIT training is not only based on solid research, it provides an intense full-body workout in 30-minutes once per week, which makes it more accessible to more people. It’s also a safer form of exercise with less risks of injuries commonly associated with most workout programs.

Joe also appreciates the medical-grade SuperSlow retrofitted MedX equipment of slow-motion strength training, He was one of the first Strength Code trainers to embrace the RX Isometric Training Machine—otherwise known as the VIIV—which promotes bone remodeling and bone density to develop lean muscle mass and overall muscle strength. Joe particularly enjoys using this state-of-the-art equipment with his older clients and those recovering from surgery or an injury because it provides the equivalent of 1-rep maximum weight lifting without any of the dangers of injury.


Whatever your fitness level I’ll make sure you safely and correctly perform your workouts for maximum benefit.

I’ll help you:

  • Understand your fitness options
  • Build beautiful lean muscle safely and efficiently
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Preserve your ability to move and improve the quality of your life as you age
  • Experience genuine one-on-one personal exercise instruction and…
  • I’ll always coach you to worker harder and enjoy more results!

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