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Jon Brungardt


Jon Brungardt became a personal trainer after coaching kids in soccer for several years. After noticing how strength training and conditioning made those kids stronger and faster, he decided to make helping others achieve their conditioning and body composition goals his professional career—and he’s never looked back!

For over a decade Jon has helped hundreds of people with pre-existing injuries including athletes and those who have never worked out before by customizing workout programs to fit individual strength and conditioning goals while accommodating physical vulnerabilities. Jon is a National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise specialist. He is also certified in TRX and Crossfit, and he has studied diverse programs ranging from Pilates and Yoga to Insanity, P90X, Kettlebells, Muay Thai and many other regimens.

When a neighbor told Jon about slow-motion strength training, he was initially skeptical wondering how a 20-minute, once-a-week workout can do much of anything. But after researching the science behind the method he felt he had to give it a try. “The first machine I tried was the leg press. After 180 seconds of the slow-motion lifting, I lowered the weight back to the resting position, turned, attempted to stand up, and couldn’t. The only words I could muster was ‘holy…’ That’s when I was sold.”

After seeing results in himself and in others, Jon became certified as a slow-motion, high-intensity trainer and he began converting many of his earlier clients over to this training program—and they love it! “Let’s face it, most people have a love/hate relationship with slow-motion high-intensity training. They love the feeling after the workout and they love not having to spend 10 hours a week in a loud, crowded gym that plays loops of terrible dance music. They also love that they can wear their work clothes and workout with or without shoes. What most clients don’t love about slow-motion strength-training is the brief but very strenuous effort that goes with the training.” But that’s where Jon’s magic kicks in! “I’m good at distracting my clients so they push past their perceived limits and get the best workout possible!”


Having explored a wide range of programs, Jon carries a wealth of knowledge and perspective on working out safely and improving your body composition. Jon customizes his sessions to ensure he gives his clients the best workout possible in the least amount of time, in one of the safest environments that he’s ever witnessed.

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