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Rickie Jiménez


Rickie Jiménez was first introduced to strength training when she injured herself while dancing at the prestigious Debbie Reynolds scholarship program for dancers. While strength training and physical therapy healed her injury, Rickie became so excited to learn about injury prevention and how the body worked that she became certified as a personal trainer and in Sugarfoot (preventative care) therapy.

Rickie began dancing at age 5. From classical ballet to contemporary jazz, hip-hop, jazz funk, and one of her favorites, break dancing, Rickie entered the world of competitive dance at age 13, commanding recognition and awards. After securing a dance agent and earning a bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies from Cal State University, Northridge, she divided her time between auditioning, performing, and teaching all dance forms to children. She appeared in television commercials and shows like Ellen and performed in music videos with stars including Justin Timberlake and Nick Cannon.

Following her injury and certification in fitness training, Rickie met Jon, a Strength Code trainer. He encouraged her to pursue super slow-motion, high-intensity training certification and meet with the Strength Code studio owner, Sheila Melody. Hesitant at first, Rickie quickly became enthusiastic, attained her certification, and began shadowing the other trainers at the Strength Code. The inherent safety of slow-motion strength training drives her enthusiasm. She loves helping others gain confidence as their capacity to lift heavy weights steadily increases and clients discover how strong they can be. Rickie is also excited about teaching a new Strength Code Plus small group strength circuit class!

Why Choose Rickie as your Los Angeles Personal Trainer?

Rickie understands and appreciates the need others have for support in achieving their fitness goals. Whomever the client and their target, Rickie is passionate about supporting a safe process that empowers others and enables her to share the knowledge and enjoyment she has acquired over many years as a dancer, athlete, performer, teacher, and workout trainer.

Los Angeles Trainer Rickie Jiménez

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