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Sheila Melody


Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Certified “Power of 10” Slow Motion Fitness Trainer, Sheila Melody has been exercising as she describes it, “since before we were required to wear shoes in group exercise classes (seriously!).

Her exercise regimen began with cheerleading at age 13 and kept evolving. She recalls her first job at a fitness club as being like “the Curves of the 70’s.” Later, as an instructor at Chicago Health and Racquet Club, Sheila taught aerobics classes in the middle of an exercise room where she had everyone ditch their shoes!

Barefoot and Broadening Horizons…

Sheila studied many exercise programs looking for new ways to help her clients (and herself) achieve ideal fitness while balancing busy, hectic lifestyles.

Jane Fonda (also barefoot in her first video!), got everyone working out in their living rooms including Sheila! Cher followed suit with different kinds of music. The Firm was the same with a ’90′s-style twist.

After becoming a single, working mom, those home fitness videos were a lifeline when Sheila (at least temporarily) halted her own fitness career to raise her son and better support her small family.

Sheila saw two major flaws with at-home video workouts—first was the increased risk of injury since no one was there to correct unsafe movements. Also, working out alone meant not being challenged to push past perceived limits. Without the guidance of a personal trainer people were less likely to achieve optimal results.

At this time Sheila also sought ways to develop healthier habits through her varied interests in nutrition, meditation, and the connection between the mind and body. She sought practical ways of helping herself and those she cared about to cultivate healthier, more balanced lifestyles.

Moving from home videos to gyms that offered childcare like LA Fitness, Ballys Nautilus Plus, and later a corporate gym membership through an employer, Sheila appreciated the opportunity to get a healthy workout and maintain her level of fitness.

But she also noticed she wasn’t continually progressing. Also, the gyms were often crowded, lacked superior equipment, and offered little or no instruction.

Slow Motion Strength Training & Health and Wellness Coaching

When Sheila was first introduced to slow motion strength training in 2005, she was sold on the once-a-week slow motion, high intensity program almost immediately. “This has been the only workout I’ve ever done where I’ve made progress, saw results, built muscle, and kept on progressing year-after-year!”

Slow motion strength training left Sheila time for other important things like expanding her growing interest in various health and wellness practices, which included nutrition, stress reduction, and mindfulness.

When Sheila was referred to a group who wanted to start a fitness club, she became an enthusiastic trainer. A few years later she became certified in slow motion training. When an opportunity arose in 2012 to open InForm Fitness in Toluca Lake, now “The Strength Code,” the rest became history!

Recently, Sheila fulfilled her dream of becoming a Certified Health and Wellness Coach where she applies her wealth of knowledge on a variety of self-care and wellness practices to help clients improve their lives beyond exercising. To further delve into these topics, she created a podcast “Sound Mind & Body” to explore the many different ways to stay healthy, balanced and well of mind, body and spirit.

Recently, Sheila launched a new podcast with fellow Strength Code owner in Palm Desert, Lisa May, “The Strength Code Podcast” to further the mission of supporting those who seek to build stronger, healthier, more fulfilling, and vibrant lives.

Why Choose to Work with Sheila?

An experienced business woman, business owner, certified personal trainer, and certified health and wellness coach, Sheila Melody empowers those seeking to embrace both their inner and outer strength!

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