The Safety & Privacy of Your Own Home

Virtual Training

The Strength Code offers three Virtual training options for your convenience, Covid-19 safety, and to maximize how you work out best.

Our Virtual Training options are:

Strength Code One-on-One Virtual Training

By-appointment only, you’ll receive a customized workout on ZOOM each week with your own personal certified trainer.

You’ll not only receive a thorough workout from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office, each workout is tailored for your age and physical health, your workout space, and your own personal fitness goals.

BONUS: Your Virtual Training membership gives you access to our Strength Code On-Demand Virtual Library of pre-recorded workouts. This means you can enhance your weekly virtual training whenever you want!

This membership is affordable, flexible, and will keep your workout routine moving forward!

Strength Code On-Demand Workout Library

For only a $9.99 per month anyone can access our growing library of Strength Code On-Demand workout videos to enjoy anytime, anywhere you’d like!

Already a Strength Code Member? You have access to our On-Demand Workouts as part of your membership bonus! Login Here

These easy-to-access on-demand videos include:

  • Haley’s series of videos focus on Upper Body, Lower Body and Core Exercises for all Levels
  • Jon shows you how to build, sculpt, and tone your biceps, triceps, and shoulders as well as bodyweight exercises you can do without any equipment
  • Ann demonstrates tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your in-studio sessions with each piece of equipment
  • Joe instructs simple yet effective Isometric Training you can do at home
    PLUS educational videos about our methods and more!

We are constantly adding new material every single week! Members, try our on-demand workout library now!

Not a member? Gain access to this excellent on-demand program for only $9.99 per month!

Strength Code Livestream Classes

These classes are offered each week. Access these 30-minute workouts as they are happening so that you get feedback on your posture and form, ask questions or make immediate requests of the trainer.

Live stream classes are a great way to feel connected to others without leaving the safety of your own home. Non-Strength Code members can enroll in our live stream classes for just $15 per workout.

All Strength Code Members can receive one live stream class free each month and only pay $10 per class for every additional live stream class you attend. Get started today!

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What will you need for Virtual Workouts?

Aside from loose fitting clothing and a sturdy mat to protect your back you’re ready for your virtual workout!

If you would like a few items to enhance your workout, here are a few suggestions, which can be purchased for under $30.00 each!

  • Stability Ball:  Note, there are a few different sizes so you may want to discuss with your trainer before making a purchase
  • Hand Weights:  3, 5 and 8 lbs – we recommend these to get started but if you’d like you can get heavier sets
  • Resistance Straps, Loops, and Bootie Bands
  • Pilates Ring

Coming Soon—Inner Strength Code Online Tools to Strengthen Your Body, Mind AND Sprit!

More Inner Strength Code programs will be available soon to nurture and develop the other areas of the human experience including mind, emotions, and spiritual development. Our Inner Strength Code virtual classes include ideas, resources, and information on meditation, nutrition, yoga-based exercises, communication and relationships and much more. Stay Tuned!